Telescopic arms

Telescopic Arms

The telescopic arms have been designed and constructed to be installed on overhead tracks, to move within a work area, to neutralize the effects generated by reaction torques (up to a 1000 Nm) of electric and pneumatic tools etc. and to counterbalance the weight of the tool.

All the arms can be integrated with different types of wrists which optimize the required locking. his support system is made up of four main units:

  1. An trolley interface for tracks;
  2. A telescopic unit made up of two steel trilobate tubes;
  3. A balancing unit;
  4. A tool holding wrist.

The telescopic support is available in different lengths and can be equipped with different types of balancers in order to sustain the desired loading capacity.

The machine’s standard colour is RAL 1007 yellow, and its parts are brownish black. The machine, along with its fluidic circuits and its components,
comply to essential safety standards foreseen by machine directive, and thus bear the trademark CE.

Tsa Telescopic arms catalogue includes: