Air motors with blades

motori pneumatici a palette
In many companies, the use of compressed air allows the use of air and pneumatic motors which present a number of advantages such as:
  • A complete line with powers ranging from 0.43 HP to 12 HP.
  • Infinite velocities and variable torques obtained with a simple pressure regulator or tap.
  • Safety from accidents.
  • They may be used under stress for an indefinite amount of time without being damaged.
  • Instant starts, stops and inversions.
  • Resistant to dirt and humidity.
  • Designed to last.
  • Adapt for use with natural gas.
  • Designed for the assembly of flanges, breaks and floor supports.
There are often applicable needs that require specific design and workmanship. T.S.A. offers its clientele the use of a technical office able to carry out special applications developed along the client’s requirements.