Air motors with radial pistons

motori pneumatici a pistoni radiali

The MP series of radial piston air motors offers a wide variety of accessories such as floor fixing, breaks, reduction gears and command valve.
These four or five oil bath cylinder air motors develop a greater power with respect to others of the same size and are often used for heavy applications, sometimes coalesced with reduction gears and breaks.

The advantages obtained with the use of radial piston air motors are countless:

  • Infinite velocities and variable torques obtained with a simple pressure regulator or tap.
  • Safety from accidents.
  • They may be used under stress for an indefinite amount of time without being damaged.
  • Instant starts, stops and inversions.
  • Resistant to dirt and humidity.
  • Designed to last.
  • Adapt for use with natural gas.
  • Designed for the assembly of: floor flanges, breaks and reduction gears.