Telescopic arms

Telescopic arms
SIZE “4” – “9”
The telescopic arms are available in different sizes (Scale), which determine the maximum torque with differentbalancing capacities and different length of the elements.

1. Select the interface type to the cart (it has to interface with the cart chosen).
2. Select the size of the elements depending on the tightening torque required.
3. Select the length of the elements depending on the height of the runways from the ground and on the working position level.
4. Calculate the weight to be balanced (including the weight of the wrist and of the tool), then select the type of balancing.5. Specify how many balancing units you require.6. Select the type of wrist.

The telescopic unit is fittedwith elements in differentsizes which can react to a torque ranging from 250Nm to 1000Nm.