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Modular Air motors with blades of the M Seriess are strong, reliable and extremely versatile. Use of these motors has numerous advantages compared to electric motors. These include the following: very limited weight and overall size, safe operation, especially if they are used in places where there are flammable substances or in humid environments. There might be application requirements which are so specific that they need special design and construction methods. Therefore TSA makes available for its customers the expertise acquired in this regard, thanks to its Technical Office which is able to develop special applications based on specific customer requirements.

Telescopic reaction arms made of carbon fiber

T.S.A. telescopic reaction arms made of carbon fiber
are the best solution to improve ergonomics during
screwing operation:
• same reaction arm both for pistol and straight
• ready for inner balancer wire ;
• narrow machining and copling tolerances;
• 100% quality controlled;
• high strength carbon fiber;
• high quality design and material components.

Nickel-Plated vane Airmotors

The vane air motors are used in a wide variety of applications like mixers, ventilators, winches, pump drives, after coolers and conveyor belts. The current range of vane air motors are now also available in Nickel-Plated. All metal components, outside and inside are 100% nickel-plated. 

Building the motors nickel-plated has multiple benefits:

• Corrosion resistant

• Longer life expectancy of vanes. 

Adding these extra advantages to the current line of the vane air motors raises the life expectancy of the motors and makes them even more reliable.

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